2017/2018 SEASON 


A Message from Orest Stanko – Unity Executive Director

The Unity Volleyball Club is committed to providing all of its members including athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers a supportive and enjoyable environment that will enable everyone to fulfil their potential and contribute to the Unity. Parents are investing in a service and as such are entitled to expect a high quality of deliverable(s).  It is Unity’s obligation to meet/exceed your expectations.

Communication represents an invaluable foundation of any successful organization. Unity recognizes that parents, in particular, need to be kept informed. 


President – Daniel Shermer
Executive Director – Orest Stanko
Director of Athlete Development – Gabriel Harrietha
Club Manager/Administrator – Synge Chen
Beach Volleyball DIrector – Daniel Dearing

Leadership Coordinator – Mike Fuh


12U Girls East and West
  • Head coaches: Dave Tunzi, Phil Richards, Ada Yung
  • Assistant coaches: Ada Yung, Kim Harding, Daniel Dearing, Gabriel Harrietha, Joshua Shermer
13U Girls North
  • Head coach: Joshua Shermer
  • Assistant coach: Rachel Forster
13U Girls West
  • Head coach: Tiee Wong
  • Assistant coach: Nicholas Nei
14U Girls North
  • Head coach: Daniel Dearing
  • Assistant coaches: Mike Fuh, Tess Anderson
14U Girls West
  • Head coach: Tamara Hinic
  • Assistant coach: Elie Shermer
14U Girls Woodbridge
  • Head coach: Kevin Rabaja
  • Assistant coaches: Nancy Huynh, Daniel Dearing
15U Girls East
  • Head coach: Synge Chen
  • Assistant coaches: Cicero Oliveira, Daniel Dearing
15U Girls West
  • Head coach: Gabriel Harrietha
  • Assistant coaches: Gabriel McCullogh, Marissa Chin
16U Girls South
  • Head coach: Jean-Claude LeBlanc
  • Assistant coaches: Kera Salvi


13U Boys North
  • Head coach: Mike Fuh
  • Assistant coach: Hoang Ho
14U Boys South
  • Head coach: Siu On Wong
  • Assistant coaches: Phil Richards, Joshua Seto
15U Boys East
  • Head coach: Cicero Oliveira
  • Assistant coaches: Robert Ramdeen, Kenneth Chan
16U Boys West
  • Head coach: Robin Kidd
  • Assistant coaches: Joshua Shermer, Synge Chen